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And if we refocused the customer’s journey around the notion of customer experience? And if we finally spoke

Unified Commerce

From search to delivery, and by the way order, payment and service… Irrespective of the channel.

Your challenge is not limited to ecommerce. Your challenge lies at the heart of your business: commerce.


[White Paper] Unified Commerce Prevails

2020 is a challenging year for the retail sector: lockdownshops closing are a real threat for the business. Point of sales digitalization which enables a unified and smooth consumer journey is vital more than ever.

This whitepaper gathers interviews with retailers , integrators and influenceurs in the retail sector who discuss the evolution and future of the retail sector and the importance of Unified Commerce today.

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Equipment for your salespeople in-store, management of your online store, order management, share data about your business… The best option to achieve unified commerce is

One Unique Solution

scalable and more importantly, dedicated. Learn more



  • No Silos

    A unique and scalable solution for all sales channels

  • Zero Friction

    Reduce out of stocks, unify channels

  • Consumer Promise

    Proximis is 100% focused on consumer satisfaction.

Our Clients

Different industries, different products, different challenges... They chose Unified Commerce.

  • Maxi Bazar
  • x2 Sales Conversion Rate
  • André
  • Stokomani
  • Armor-Lux
  • +15% Margins Increase
  • Jeff de Bruges
  • Dugas Club Expert
  • Joué Club
  • of Unsold items in Store -30%
  • One Step and IKKS choose Proximis Unified Commerce
  • April
  • Ladurée: “A story of macaroons”
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