Serving consumers since 2013

Proximis was born from the desire to eliminate frictions in the sales process that drive down value, to enable you to sell higher volumes more effectively and satisfy your customers.

Our Story

  • Proximis designs a SaaS-mode OMS software solution that links the world of online shopping to physical stores. Proximis already has its vision of Unified Commerce in place.

  • Proximis designs Europe’s very first Unified Commerce platform
    This Unified Commerce platform is developed using the experience and technological assets gleaned from the RBS Change solution acquired by Proximis the previous year.

  • Proximis secures €5 million of funding
    Thanks to these contributions, Proximis has the significant resources required to finish developing its Unified Commerce solution and onboard its first highly reputed European integrators.

  • The first Unified Commerce solution is launched
    Proximis launches Europe’s first Unified Commerce software solution tailored to brands and retailers looking to offer their consumers a frictionless buying experience. Multiple selective distribution operators place their trust in Proximis.

  • The market accelerates at pace
    Proximis launches a massive recruitment drive to secure the support it offers its customers and to maintain customer satisfaction, while simultaneously preparing for strong international growth.

  • International expansion
    Proximis launches in the United Kingdom and Spain, where Unified Commerce represents considerable growth potential for brands and the retail sector.

The Team

At Proximis we have a mission: deliver frictionless buying journeys.  Each day we put all our energy to simplify the life of your customers.

Executive team

  • Philip Bianchi CEO - Founder

  • Eric Voltzenlogel VP Engineering & Products

  • Laurent Leca CPO

  • Aurélia Barth Customer Success Director

  • Ronan Houssin CFO

  • Thomas Messmer R&D Director

Board members

  • Philip Bianchi CEO - Founder

  • Eric Voltzenlogel VP Engineering & Products

  • Bertrand Folliet Entrepreneur Venture

  • Ilan Benhaim Vente privée

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Proximis is growing fast and we recruit all kinds of roles year-round. If you’re interested in joining us, please visit our Careers page.

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