NRF 2020, it’s not over yet and you haven’t read it all!

Last week, Proximis was at the NRF 2020 Edition where our company has been exhibiting one more time. That deserved a write-up, amid the ocean of feedback that you have certainly seen circulate on your newsfeeds and mailboxes since last week. Here is a word about this year’s edition. I meant it to be crisp, so here we go:

What a show!

The NRF is still the most impressive get-together of the retail industry attracting the big bosses of large and smaller corporations worldwide. It is definitely the place to be if you want to send your message across to the top level, to build branding and credibility. It is a place where the technology matters more than size. This edition brought plenty of meaningful business meetings for Proximis that we trust will convert in tangible business soon enough.

Unified Commerce is the new black!

Retailers are very concerned about offering better services to their consumers and most vendors got that right, for Unified commerce was clearly the talk in town. After talking to the regulars, it seems the major theme of the show changes from year to year and for 2020, most retailers were looking for ways to enhance their customer experience by bridging online and in-store experience. I don’t think it was an easy task for them. In their defence, there were too many solutions and confusing messages out there. With the dinosaurs still holding back a lot of them with fuzzy promises that they will unlikely ever be able to transform because of their lack of agility, startups trying to make them believe the impossible that needs yet to be proven and others using only part of the “unified commerce” definition to serve their own purpose, retailers are bound to be confused. As a reminder, Unified commerce consists in using a core intelligence to power all selling channels that translates into giving the ability to the consumer to move his shopping cart across, from channel to channel, back and forth, effortlessly.

Shopping was thrill!

I went for a shopping tour across the streets of New York and while Nike is still top of the list when it comes to seamless experience, I absolutely loved my visit at Camp. The shop offered an unprecedented feel illustrating perfectly what I see as the future of retail, that is, stores becoming real living spaces. Watch out for our webinar coming up soon in France, UK and Spain where we will be telling you all about it.

Coffee, croissants and data please!

In addition to exhibiting at the NRF, for the first time, Proximis decided to bring in additional value to its community. We unveiled the results of a freshly-out survey conducted by Forrester on unified commerce during an exclusive business breakfast, to which we had the privilege to have Michael Zakkour, retail expert and author, speak about his expertise on New Retail. For your own copy of the Forrester report, you can get in touch with our marketing department.

Finally, the NRF was worth the destination and being in New York was an opportunity to have a look at some of the cool innovations in town. However, to make sense and derive value amid the sound and fury, it is important not to lose focus on your message and create opportunities for close-knit encounters to make sure that your message resonates.