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The ultimate product to enable retailers to put their brick-and-mortar stores at the heart of their digital strategy.

Express Click & Collect

Click and Collect like you have never seen it before!

In other words, Click & Collect by Proximis will enable retailers to offer pickup services in-store to consumers. It is different from what is generally in place. Pick-up services here include E-reservation and Pay-and-Collect. Such services will apply to all the products displayed on the brand’s website.  It is a way to leverage the eshop of the brand. Click & Collect by Proximis will enable each store to manage the orders from a control panel. This will recapitulate all the fulfilment tasks for the sales associates. It is an efficient way to dispose of store stock rapidly and offer competitive delivery time for pick-up (in at least one hour). The built-in store fulfilment tool manager will allow accurate reporting for the activity of each point of sale.

Click & Collect can take the shape of a widget that can simply be added to an existing eshop in order to sell store stock after E-reservation and/or Pay-and-Collect. Alternatively, it can appear as an integrated service in the retailer’s network if coupled with other bricks like Digital Commerce and the Omnichannel Order Management. The combination will allow retailers to ship-from-store and also offer a Unified Shopping Cart and Checkout to consumers.

Integration time: from 20 days!

Zoom in on some core features:

  • Click & Collect Checkout: a purchase funnel on each product page that will offer E-reservation and/or Pay-and-Collect options on each product
  • Store Fulfilment: a web interface and/or mobile control panel that will recapitulate all the fulfilment tasks for the sales associates in each given point of sale
  • Reporting: The built-in task manager will allow accurate reporting for the activity of each point of sale on for instance, number of products sold/reserved, rate of conversion, average order value, etc.

Activate additional built-in accelerators to boost your project:

  • Proximis Click & Collect widget: An in-store pick-up widget that allows you to simply add this service to a website. By adding a button on the product sheets, consumers can access a specific shopping cart in which they locate the product, add their contact details and add payment details to pay for the purchase before going to pick-up their products in the store. Personalisation of the colours and the wording.
  • Cegid Retail Y2 Connector: If your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is currently running on Cegid, simply plug in Click and Collect with a built-in connector to automatically retrieve product information, prices and stock levels

Optimise the experience with the following:

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