Distributed fulfillment

This deserves a very neat close-up because it is precisely what will transform a regular buying journey into a remarkable one. Distributed fulfillment will intervene at every step of the journey, from browsing to checkout in order to display precise information regarding availability of products on every touchpoint, virtual and physical, before eventually adapting the delivery options offered for each product accordingly. Based on internal possibilities and preferred strategies, it will be possible to offer options such as Express delivery in store, Buy Online and Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup whilst exploiting the entire inventory and stock locations available on every touchpoint.

Upon working out on the best fulfillment strategies, retailers will have more facility in implementing additional services to handle orders, that can include only or both delivery and pick-up in store. For each option, the optimal fulfillment method will be determined such as delivery from warehouse or ship-from-store, depending on which location is closest to the consumer.

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