Distributed Order Management

Smart order management software in an omnichannel context to sell more, deliver faster and increase your margins.

Deliver faster than Amazon, thanks to the power of your network

The distributed order management system connects your network’s inventory to your customers in real time, which enables faster, more economical delivery.

  • Unify your central, e-commerce and store inventories, and offer all of them for sale to customers, whether they are shopping on your website or in your stores.
  • Offer all possible delivery or pick-up methods for each product: let the customer decide.
  • Use your store inventory to deliver your eCommerce or store orders faster and keep your products moving, all year long.
  • Integrate your networks of dealers or your independent partners into the program.
  • Deliver from the store to a nearby customer, or to another one across the country.

Increase your conversion rate and your margins, both online and in-store

Thanks to Proximis, you have a much larger number of products to offer your customers, whether they are shopping online or in the store, talking to a sales associate.

  • Enlarge your product ranges online and in-store.
  • Say YES to the customer’s every wish and never say NO. Mechanically boost your online and in-store sales.
  • Never lose another customer because you don’t have the right product, color or size.
  • Sell your network’s products all year long, wherever they are, at full price.
  • Reduce the amount of unsold products in stores, and the number of items that end up on sale or clearance.

Create a seamless online and in-store customer experience

No more silos between online and in-store services! Generate traffic and sales from one channel to the next and improve brand loyalty, thanks to perfectly integrated, unified, coherent and high value-added systems.

  • Click & Collect: increase your online sales and generate in-store traffic.
  • Ship-from-store: offer a wider selection online by relying on your store inventory.
  • Store returns: increase customer confidence and your online conversion rate.
  • Ship-to-store: offer convenience and savings while generating in-store traffic.
  • Drop shipping: cut your inventory costs and boost sales through your ecosystem.

Make your agility a competitive advantage.

What will make you successful in the future is not inventing a new business but improving your performance in your historic business, by meeting your customers’ expectations.

With this goal, your order processing chain must become agile to serve your customers, for whom shopping has become an anytime / anywhere experience.

With Proximis:

  • Manage orders profitably by reacting quickly to inventory developments, store activity levels and unpredictable market changes.
  • Make appropriate trade-offs according to the service levels offered to the customer, implementation costs and the capacity of the shipping site (multi-parcel, multi-warehouse, combined orders, etc.).
  • Adapt your order processing methods to your needs and the possibilities of your stores, while remaining within the same system.

Work with tools designed for modern retail, and make your life easier

Proximis order management software eliminates silos of inventory data, so decisions can be made quickly and intelligently:

  • Make sure your customers always get the best service.
  • Give your staff aggregated overviews of inventory in real time, so they can make the right implementation decisions.
  • Choose the best inventory locations to process each order.
  • Choose stream or cut-off  processing of orders.
  • Connect to third-party inventories, e.g. suppliers, marketplace, etc., to increase your customer sales capacity.  

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