Empower sales associates

The idea of a Store Renaissance has never been more relevant. As consumers are increasingly buying online, their expectations grow higher towards stores. Their mind gets used to the convenience of digital and it is this very same convenience that they will be looking for as they walk in a store. It would be fair to say that a little extra might even be required for them to feel entirely satisfied, as we all tend to expect more liveliness from a physical space than from a virtual one.

Consumers who shared information online do not want to give those once again in the store. If they trusted a retailer by sharing personal details online, they expect this information to be retrieved automatically if needed in the store. Moreover, filtering products like it is possible online, endless aisle possibilities, expert guidance and wider options are examples of services consumers will be looking for.

While there are various technologies available to help sales associates meet those challenges, not all are user-friendly enough to alleviate the workload of store staff and help them adapt to different circumstances in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

At Proximis, we understand the concerns of every role serving a store and combine our unique technology to a mobile Point-Of-Sale system so every associate has the right tool to deliver a remarkable customer experience in store.

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