Express delivery

Benefits of Express Delivery

It is commonly observed that the products sold on e-commerce websites are limited to those available in warehouses. With the Express Delivery service by Proximis, a retailer will be able to display online the products that are available in store stocks as well. What is the main benefit? Easy. We can process delivery faster if the store is located closer. Thus, we can significantly reduce the delivery time for some products. By doing so, the retailer will improve the promise delivered to the consumer and reduce the ecological impact of the delivery.

In other words, how does it work?

First of all, let’s check whether the product bought is available in a store close by for the consumer. If yes, we can send the package from this point of sale. Well, the purchase is done. Great. Next, we send an automatic notification to the store for order preparation. Afterwards, the in-house team of sales associates will prepare the order. Once completed, the order will be ready for delivery. The merchant may put in place various modes of delivery for the consumer.

An integrator can easily manage for the various delivery options thanks to the flexibility of the solution provided by Proximis.

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