Fashion is often about exclusivity and that translates many times into the number of items available for a product, only a few. As a new collection arrives, there might be a limited number per size for some outfits which are most likely spread out unevenly across a wide network of stores.

As many Fashion brands massively invest in social media and influence marketing, frustration can arise as consumers try to buy items that appear out of stock online despite being available in stores.

Reconciling stock margin errors is part of our remit Proximis. Our technology will make sure that depth of stock does not have an impact on sales and that consumers will always find a way to acquire what they desire from any touchpoint if the product is available somewhere.

Moreover, as Fashion and other related industries need to be appealing to consumers, Proximis offer the right solution to shed light online on the various range of products with its in-built advanced Content Management System and is able to offer alongside the maximum service options for the delivery of each product to meet different customer behaviours: a customer might want to pay and collect an order to save time in store, another might want to reserve and get a feel in store before purchase, or a different one might buy online and choose home delivery to eventually return in store in case some products do not fit. Consumers can indeed be indecisive about fashionable products and Proximis delivers a plug-and-play technology that can adapt efficiently to every scenario.

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