Headless PaaS Cloud

What is Headless PaaS Cloud?

We are talking about a cloud-based Unified Commerce Platform that users can access from various devices without having to download any specific software.

The Proximis cloud-based Unified Commerce platform is available as a service (PaaS). It offers its clients a dedicated structure/space to develop and run different applications without having to maintain the platform’s infrastructure themselves. Retailers pay for the service on a recurring basis and then access it over the internet or/and a mobile application. In return, Proximis supplies everything needed for application development including networks, servers, databases, storage systems, runtime, and operating systems. Security is guaranteed and the dedicated structure/space will automatically scale according to business needs.

Discover some associated benefits.

  • Reduced costs to build and maintain the core stack
  • Best-of-breed technology at an affordable cost
  • A reliable partner to scale according to business needs

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