Increase customer engagement

A happy customer will never stop coming back and that is why every moment counts. Saying yes to the consumer means ensuring the latter finds success at the end of an equation: meeting the consumer’s expectations, at a precise moment, according to your ability to supply the product.

Having the right product at the right price is already a challenge in itself and since it is not possible to have an infinite stock of products dedicated to each sales channel, solving the equation is complex.

Proximis gains all relevance as it is able to solve this equation in real time by using a strong customer promise and a unified shopping cart. The promise enables all the provisioning services and associated deadlines to be clearly shown to the consumer on each product page. As the promise can be different for each product, the consumer must be given the possibility to choose a different delivery service for each product. After the shopping basket accepts these choices, the customer will always get a positive reply and be able to checkout all the products in the cart in one single payment process.

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