INstore Application

Mobile application for sales associates, providing a high-quality customer experience and better in-store conversion rates.

All the features you’ll need to boost the activity of your stores

There can be no good in-store customer experience without a good sales-associate experience. Give your sales associates the best tools, so they can boost sales in their stores:

  • Clienteling
  • Single inventory
  • Line extension
  • Mobile payment
  • Catalogue
  • Management of stockout
  • Omnichannel shopping cart
  • Mobile printout
  • Task management (reservation, click & collect, ship from store, etc.)

Get higher conversion rates and increase the average spend per customer, thanks to omnichannel retailing.

Customers who come into your store must find what they are looking for. And it doesn’t matter if it’s not available on-site, as long as you simply find them what they’re looking for elsewhere. With Proximis, unify all of your stores and your eCommerce business within a single system that will provide a positive, seamless shopping experience:

  • Offer the possibility of reserving in one store from another one, or of buying products with 1-hour Click & Collect
  • Sell in your stores any products in the network, without worrying about the location, ownership of inventory, etc.
  • Offer the possibility of buying several products, paying once, leaving with one product and having others delivered.
  • Offer fast delivery from the store (Same-Day Delivery).
  • Receive and process orders and reservations from the Internet or the network, and ship them easily.

Rapid deployment, integrated into your POS systems.

Offer these new services in your current store environment:

  • Deploy the in-store tools in France and internationally, and open up new possibilities without IT constraints.
  • Get fast and easy integration with the major POS systems on the market, such as Y2, CBR, Colombus, Winshop, Cylande, and others.
  • Use your payment terminals and your current payment solution, such as Ingenico, Adyen, Hipay, Be2Bill and others, or get a new plug & play payment terminal.
  • Manage as many stores, currencies and languages as necessary from centralized infrastructure.

An application that adapts to your environment.

Because we want to offer you total freedom, our solution is agnostic:

  • Available in Android and iOS apps and in full-web mode.
  • From 5 inches (smartphones, phablets, tablets and payment terminals).
  • Runs on professional and consumer hardware.
  • Compatible with payment solutions Adyen, Ingenico, Be2Bill, Hipay and more.
  • Secure use and access.

Professional, Proximis-certified hardware

Because buying and managing hardware can be complicated, Proximis certifies and provides you with a range of professional tools for sale or lease:

  • Mobile tools starting at 5 inches (PDA, phablet and tablet).
  • Android operating system.
  • Unbreakable (hardened IP).
  • Built-in scanner (1D/2D imager).
  • Lightweight and pocket format available.
  • FullSwap next-day spares and maintenance.
  • Wide range of accessories (payment terminals, cash drawers, handheld barcode scanners, etc.).
  • Hardware asset management and OTA (over-the-air) updates.

Design serving technology, for a Premium experience

Because your sales associates use cutting-edge applications in their private lives, we pay close attention to the overall experience, right down to the design we offer

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