Jewellery & Luxury

If there is one sector where experience must be golden, it would probably be premium jewellery and luxury products. As much delightful as it feels to acquire a product epitomising beauty, the consumer experience through the journey should be equally if not beyond.

Proximis has built its Unified Commerce solution in order to enable retailers to make this experience delightful at every touchpoint. Either it is by using the digital convenience of a website to reserve or buy a product from an entire range, or by handling each order by offering transparent information regarding availability and delivery options, or by saving any item to a personal cart that can keep adapting throughout the journey, or else by ensuring store associates and customer care services have one view of stock and access to each customer’s online and offline history, each possibility on Proximis is the promise of better experience overall.

With an endless aisle on both your website and in each of your stores, enhance our merchandising capabilities and optimise your selling strategies. Recommendations can be made only for products that are available in stock for instance, or made according to the particular products that you wish to sell during a specific time period. Those recommendations would not only be made online but also in our stores, as your associates have access to a single view of data through the Proximis mobile app.

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