Joué Club and its Covid crisis management

Good morning Jacques, introduce us to Joué Club

Good morning, JouéClub is a company which is a cooperative, it is very important because this cooperative consists of merchants, managing directors who all have an independent business. JouéClub is here to offer services to them, including that allows them to gather and present all the products they sell in store

Tell us about the commercial plan of JouéClub

We have put in place a unified commerce platform with the company Proximis. This platform enables us on one hand to provide to the consumer: home delivery and drive in store, and on the other, the client can collect in store, within 1-hour, the products that has been ordered.

How did JouéClub handle this period of Covid crisis?

Thanks to our Unified Commerce platform, we have been able to put the drive in place within a few hours, which was really an advantage and one efficient aspect of this platform. The results have been exceptional, our turnover increased by eight when it comes to home delivery, and by 10 when it comes to drive pick-up in store. We can say that the efficiency is really high. What we notice, is that is enabled us to focus on the most important aspect of this crisis, that is the sanitary part. Since we did not have any technical problems to handle due to the crisis, we have been focusing on stores, on putting in place sanitary measure to welcome our customers.

A tip for retail businesses that are struggling?

I would give them the following advice: set and have a platform that enables both home delivery and collection in-store. In a unified commerce system, which is today a must-have to perform when it comes to new retail. The modern consumer is the main driver of our endeavors, today for us the consumer is the one who matters the most, and we are offering all the possibilities for him. We can see it today, as people are breaking out, we are having very good results in the store locations, people come to those locations to our great pleasure, it warms our heart to meet our clients again. We also see that they keep on using our platform, first to look up for products, but also to order for home delivery, and always on the contactless drive that we kept on using during this period that is important for the consumer.