JoueClub share their Unified Commerce adventure with its partners SQLI and Proximis

Jacques Baudoz – Président of JouéClub
JouéClub is France’s leading toy shop. What’s special about JouéClub is that it’s a cooperative. We have 300 shops, 2,300 employees and we generate over 600 million euros in revenue in the French market.

JouéClub launched a Unified Commerce project to streamline the customer journey. Today, customers are multifaceted. A single customer will make a purchase in a shop, or if it’s someone’s birthday and they’re in a hurry, they’ll use Click and Collect – they need it right away, not for later. And if they have a bit more time, or want to have it delivered to a different location, to a family member they’ll order through the JoueClub website.

Aurélie Cayla – Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager JouéClub
We have a very simple goal: to satisfy customers.

There are multiple ways to achieve this. Of course, we can offer a delivery service, but also a Click and Collect service, or “Drive” service. For the customer, it shouldn’t be: I have to pay here, but then they ask me to pay there. We have to have a Unified Commerce concept and thus Unified Checkout so that the customer pays only once.

Behind the scenes, the technical issues regarding payment and order dispatch, the orchestration of orders more broadly that’s not for the customer to worry about, it’s the concern of technical staff. That’s the reason for the Unified Commerce project. it must be totally transparent so that it’s simple and efficient.

We received support for the company SQLI from start to finish. Initially, they helped us with audit and consulting. From there, they did benchmarking so that we could understand all of the solutions and different applications available on the market that could meet our various needs: whether they be business, technical, expertise-related, whatever.

In the end, we decided to work with Proximis, which really gave us the most turnkey solution. Proximis gave us a Unified Commerce tool, enabling Unified Checkout, which was very important for us. They helped us carry out the project in a very short time to market.

Once that choice was made, we had to build the project. We entered a phase of development, with qualifications, specs, UX, SEO, marketing…it was a very turnkey process for every aspect, from technical aspects to very marketing-focused aspects.

SQLI assisted us with all of our choices, so that, in the end, we were able to finish the project in time to take advantage of the Christmas period.

There are two sides to satisfaction in this project: a human side and a technical side. We have a solution that works and that has really proven its worth, including during the COVID crisis.

Jacques Baudoz – Président of JouéClub
Since the launch, our revenue has grown, I would even say that it exploded in 2020. Additionally, what’s very important for us is that we have seen a +20% growth per year in website traffic.

Aurélie Cayla – Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager JouéClub
This solution worked because we had a trio of companies working very well together:

  • a publisher, Proximis
  • an integrator, SQLI
  • and of course, JouéClub

That’s how we were able to go live with the project on time and with the features that we were expected. In the end, we are very happy with the growth in business we’ve generated thanks to this new platform. We’ve seen double-digit growth for the last 4 years, in spite of various difficulties, tied to the market, tied to COVID, or tied to whatever else.

Jacques Baudoz – Président of JouéClub
It has really been the ideal tool and has helped us to be ready immediately to respond to customers and consumers.