Leverage and grow e-Commerce

There is an unspoken misconception which still prevails in the minds of many retailers and consumers; one according to which online activity is separate from brick-and-mortar undertakings.

Although e-Commerce has been introduced by pure-players, who chose online as an alternative to traditional bricks, e-Commerce has grown since to become a built-in part of Commerce and need to be at the service of all parts of the business.

Technology once used to address e-Commerce on standalone has shown limitations. Proximis was born out of these limitations and has been designed to meet the challenges of New Retail.

Whether your brick-and-mortar network is driving all or most of your revenue, whether your current e-shop has shown promising increase, Proximis will give you the opportunity to skyrocket your online performance by capitalizing on your existing assets and integrating those assets under a fully-fledged unified commerce platform that will instill the power of digital across all your habitats.

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