Smart POS

Smart POS is the complementary product in store to assist sales associates in delivering the best experience to consumers.

What is Smart POS?

The mobile point-of-sale (POS) by Proximis is the perfect tool to empower sales associates and give them the freedom to assist each consumer in the best possible way. Either fixed or mobile, the mobile POS product will benefit retailers in various ways. 

For instance, by Queue Boosting in the blink of an eye. Customers will be able to proceed with the payment for their products anywhere in the store. Moreover, sales associates will have the possibility to answer any question pertaining to product availability, order products upon confirmation by the customer. They also have the possibility suggest other items that could be interesting for the client at the same time.

The mobile Smart POS will display the entire product catalogue and provide an Endless aisle. Therefore, enabling the sale of products belonging to any stock along with the customer’s preferred delivery option. This will facilitate access to data pertaining to products (e.g. size, color) and clients (e.g. profile, purchase/return history) for each associate. It is the guarantee of offering the best experience to each consumer. Consequently, never being speechless in front of the latter!

Moreover, the Unified Cart will make it possible for sales associates to work with a unified stock in order to better serve the consumers. Whether the products are available upon reservation, pay-and-collect, curbside pickup or home delivery, each available option can be chosen by the consumer before proceeding to payment. Once the shopping process is over, the consumer will have only one step to do for the payment of all products purchased. Store fulfillment will be done through the Smart POS which will send the instructions for preparation to the relevant centres upon confirmation of an order.

Associated Smart POS benefits are as follows:

  • reducing queuing in store and waiting time of consumers at the cashier point,
  • finalise the checkout from wherever the consumer is standing,
  • have access to an endless aisle in store to better serve each client,
  • suggest products that are not located in the store where the consumer is at,
  • add products to the cart irrespective of their location,
  • keep one single cart with all the products chosen wherever their location and choose their respective delivery method on the same interface,
  • offer delivery services such as home delivery or pick-up in store for products located elsewhere (warehouses, other stores),
  • have one single view of inventory,
  • have one single view of customer buying history, including online carts, and recovering abandoned carts,
  • personalise the experience of each customer with “clienteling” options with a powerful promotion engine,
  • modify the consumer’s personal cart by adding and/or removing products,
  • pause the cart and leave it available for the consumer to modify later, 
  • take payment for the products purchased

Integration time: as from 30 days!

Zoom on some core features:

  • Store Checkout: accept all products ordered in a click and process all of them in one cart for payment in one step
  • Clienteling: personalized product recommendations according to each client’s purchase history. As a result, sales associates will know in a glance where the products are available and how they can be delivered to the consumer
  • Store Fulfillment: sending instructions by the sales associate for order preparation to the relevant centres via the mobile device upon confirmation of each order
  • Reporting: recording transactions in a web-based back office system. Therefore it will allow tracking and reporting of business activity.

Activate built-in accelerators to boost your project:

  • Smart POS app
  • Web Back Office

Optimise the experience with the following:

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