Omnichannel Order Management

What is Omnichannel Order Management ?

Too often, unifying inventory, and we mean ‘all inventory’, can be a real conundrum. Many still believe some prerequisites are needed before being able to unify inventory and keep delaying the process on their roadmap. We believe money-time is now and have devised the solution to buffer for any short comings your business might experience in order to enhance your business.

Whether your business sells through an integrated network, a franchise model, a cooperative, marketplaces or any other type of distribution model, the Proximis Omnichannel Order Manager is up and running to manage orders placed on any virtual and/or physical touchpoint. 

Moreover, our Omnichannel Order Manager will work out the most favourable fulfilment options for each service offered to consumers (fulfilment from warehouses or ship-from-store and home delivery or delivery in-store for instance).

Discover some associated benefits:

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