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A comprehensive, robust and scalable eCommerce application, for a more efficient, faster and more agile website.

All the features you need to manage your online sales

Now you don’t need to have an e-commerce solution, a content management solution plus a web-to-store plug-in. With Proximis, now you can manage your business simply, using a single tool:

  • Quickly create and launch your online store, with natively responsive design.
  • Enjoy all the advanced retail features (catalogue, merchandizing, commercial operations, predictive recommendations, payment, etc.).
  • Offer an omnichannel shopping cart (delivered purchases, e-reservation, click and collect, same-day delivery, and more), to reach a conversion rate 30% higher than average.
  • Administer the editorial content of your brand, e.g. lookbooks, sliders, content pages, etc., thanks to a natively integrated, powerful and intuitive CMS (WYSIWYG).

Get better online conversion rates, thanks to omnichannel commerce

If you always say YES to customers, they will buy faster and more often than if you say no to them half the time. With Proximis, your eCommerce business will be underpinned by your stores, within a single system that will provide a positive, seamless shopping experience:

  • Offer the possibility of reserving certain strategic products online, and generate in-store traffic.
  • Sell any product of the network online, without worrying about the location or ownership of inventory.
  • Offer access to products in 1 hour (with Click & Collect and Same-Day Delivery).
  • Process orders on the basis of several sets of inventory, including store inventory.
  • Ship your orders from your stores, easily.

A solution to go international faster

Opening up to international markets is now a piece of cake from a technical standpoint, and with Proximis it has never been simpler:

  • Deploy your website internationally in 30 days and enter new markets with no infrastructure or language barriers.
  • Manage as many websites, currencies and languages as necessary from centralized infrastructure.
  • Customize the content website by website, to adapt it to the local context.
  • Enable your local staff to administer the activity and content of the website, completely autonomously.

A fast, scalable cloud solution to manage high levels of activity

The cloud offers unprecedented uptime combined with continuous updating and improvement. With Proximis, focus on your business. We’ll take care of the rest:

  • 4 functional updates per year.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.
  • Hosted by the best of the cloud (Google Cloud Platform).
  • Automatically absorbs all of your traffic peaks.
  • Also sized for very large volumes (25,000 simultaneous users, certified).
  • Already compliant with the new EU regulations on personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).
  • Dedicated customer instances and data encryption

A solution that is integrated and recommended by the best agencies on the market

Your needs may be standard, but your project is unique and must be integrated into a complex information system. Proximis collaborates with renowned integrators, trained and certified in the solution, in order to give you the choice of working with professionals like you. For you, there are nothing but advantages:

  • Develop your specific requirements while relying on a standard base that’s always up to date.
  • You’ll never have to deal with the hassle of upgrading again.
  • Work with whoever you want and change whenever you want.
  • Use the best product, run by the best eCommerce agencies on the market.

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