Optical & Hearing

The complexity of selling sophisticated and personalised products like glasses, contact lenses and other medical devices has for a long time been very costly for specialised retailers who had to go through extensive bespoke developments in order to put in place a digital strategy that in most cases, ended up being decorrelated from store experience and services as it failed to meet the expectations of stores and their staff.

Stores hold a key role in the experience delivered by those traditionally brick-and-mortar specialised brands and it is vital to make sure that the e-shop is a gateway to every store facility which enables fluid communication and coordination between online consumers and store associates.

Proximis offers an out-of-the-box solution which is able to set up the right foundation for those specialised retailers in order to address their core challenges. Therefore, our solution gives them more freedom to invest in relevant bespoke enhancements tailor-made for their business for a cost-efficient and competitive time-to-market project.

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