Ladurée: “A story of macaroons”


The story of the Ladurée macaron goes back to the mid-nineties with Pierre Desfontaines, who had the genius idea of using two macaron shells to make a delicious sandwich with a delicious ganache filling. The recipe has not changed ever since.
Over the years, the brand became iconic and has now a huge international footprint in cities like New-York, Miami, Hong-Kong, São Paulo, Singapour, Dubaï, Florence, Budapest…. only to cite a few cities where the brand epitomizes French art-de-vivre.


Maintaining the quality of products creates constraints upon delivery:
if all products can be collected in the Ladurée shops, only specific pastries can be delivered everywhere, while the others, that are more fragile by nature, can only be delivered by courier from a store.
Ladurée needed to offer a buying experience up to the standard of its reputation of high-end quality, service level and gourmet know-how.

The choice of Proximis

The Unified basket of Proximis is unique
and enables the brand to sell all of the
products available at Ladurée and gives a
total freedom of choice regarding delivery
to the consumer (e.g. classic home delivery,
1h express delivery, Click & Collect,
reservation….). All these delivery methods
can be mixed under one order and give way
to one checkout, allowing a perfect flexibility
in one-click.
This way, Ladurée can adapt to any buying
journey and provide its consumers with
a promise of a high quality experience.