What exactly are we talking about?

Return-in-store means enabling the consumer to send a product back to any shop of the brand. Now we can buy a product anywhere. Online, on a marketplace, from a distributing partner or in a direct shop located abroad. It doesn’t matter. The consumer will be able to send the product back to the preferred store or simply turn up in the preferred store to return the product.

Return-in-store with Proximis

Our solution has been designed to facilitate the tasks of store associates in those situations. It perfectly meets the expectations of professionals in store to ensure rapidity in execution, user-friendliness and practicality. Proximis will enable them to retrieve information pertaining to the consumer as well as purchase history with ease. As a result, the sales associate will be able to record the reason for return effortlessly and subsequently, they will be able to offer different options to the consumer – for instance, an exchange, a coupon or reimbursement. Depending on the consumer’s choice, the associate will accept the return before proceeding to the exchange, reimbursement or coupon editing. 

We automatically save the transaction for the return in the client’s purchase history. 

Return in store

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