Sell and fulfill from anywhere

One of the main challenges retailers still face is obtaining one single view of their inventory. While the race for consumers is never-ending and channels capturing their attention keep multiplying, retailers still have one focus: selling the products they have in stock. This has been the rule of thumb of Retail at least as long as it has been existing.

As you diversify your selling methods, direct, indirect, franchises, distributors, marketplaces, and so on – a different inventory will be in most cases allocated to each channel. In order to be efficient, a multi-channel retailer should be able to fulfill each order, irrespective of where that one is placed, according to a preferred scenario which will tap into the stock readily available, move to the next one in case the former is unavailable, and optimise delivery options accordingly.

Since it is impossible to provide all the services required by each individual consumer, the best approach is to ensure that operations can adapt in a flexible and responsive manner to any potential combinations at any given point in time. If for example, ship-from-store is the most cost effective option for the delivery of a given product, it will be the chosen fulfillment instruction instead of ship-from-warehouse. That way, offering maximum convenience to consumers will not be equal to additional costs but rather as per the most cost-efficient scenario.

Proximis solves the orchestration dilemma by bringing together and using a unified inventory across all channels to enable consumers to buy any product that is available in a seamless manner. That way, dispose of all inventory in a better and more efficient manner to sell more products through all touchpoints. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to sell existing and available stock.

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