Social selling

What does Social Selling mean?

Social selling is mainly concerned with the development of relationships with consumers through the creation of content. This content generally serves various objectives including the acquisition of new customers, nurturing the bond with existing ones and strengthening the relationship with them. Efficient content will inevitably lead the consumer into the purchase funnel. Brands and distributors choose a social platform according to their business sectors to publish their content. Among the popular social networks that we see today are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, and Pinterest, for example.

Social selling enables the retailer to connect the e-commerce website with the content that they create on social media networks. This will allow consumers to act immediately upon the uploaded content. By avoiding interruptions between the content (images, videos and text), the consumer will be able to add the desired product to their cart in just a few clicks. To guarantee the best conversion rate, perfect fluidity between the content, information about the product and the cart is required.

Social selling with Proximis

Using Proximis on social media platforms means opening up access to the entire product catalogue and delivering a comprehensive and complete promise to the consumer. We can add each product to a cart that can eventually be converted on another channel. For example : the e-commerce website or a brick-and-mortar store. Then, we save each transaction in the client’s history which will serve as a reference for future interactions with the latter. Hence, it will guarantee a custom buying experience for the customer for every interaction. This experience can take the shape of suggestions for other products for instance.

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