For Jennifer who understands that tomorrow’s selling cannot be done with yesterday’s tools

Jennifer doesn’t want to waste anymore time inter-connecting different solutions to deal with one single customer. She wants to focus on the success of her business and deliver her promise to her customers, rapidly and without friction.

Consumers are used to a unified experience and are increasingly intolerant of businesses and brands when they encounter friction.

  • 78 %
    of consumers begin their in-store purchase journey digitally
  • 80 %
    of online sellers observe that their website has an impact on their stores
  • 70 %
    of online baskets are abandoned online
Successfully managing the interaction between digital and store is no longer a side issue, it has become a central aspect of your e-commerce redesign.

Testimony from a CDO on redesign projects organised in silos:

Every e-commerce redesign project caused me lots of hassle with brick-by-brick integration, and when the platforms were finally connected, there was still no unified e-commerce and retail journey, no unified data, no unified basket, no real click & collect, no in-store returns of e-commerce orders, no access by in-store sellers to the web client…

As a result, e-commerce site growth is limited, because it remains based on traffic acquisition, new product performance, merchandising, new service launches, and CRM. And we miss out on real growth, which is under our noses, it is in our stores, it visits our website, but we treat it badly.

Unified Commerce means grasping business rather than letting it slip out of your fingers, while also satisfying your customers and employees.

Without disrupting your information system, built up over many years around different bricks (CRM / ERP, etc.), gain access to Unified Commerce on the basis of a three-level solution.

Proximis is a Saas Solution based on standard technologies in the market

  • Hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

  • International Coverage

  • Developed on standard technologies: php, MySQL, Elastic Search, Angular JS…

  • Based on API to connect with third technologies

  • Offering high level scalability and security

Our Clients

Different industries, different products, different challenges. They chose us to create Unified Commerce experience.

  • Joué Club
  • x2 Sales Conversion Rate
  • Agnès b.
  • Krys
  • Ladurée
  • +15% Margins Increase
  • Agatha
  • Phyto
  • V&B
  • of Unsold items in Store -30%
  • Glisshop
  • La Grande Récrée
  • Blanc Cerise
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Our clients have a presence in more than 20 countries

And this is just the beggining, Unified Commerce is International!

Our Certified Partners

Proximis puts its network of partners to good use in order to deliver the best quality services. Our accredited partners have developed truly expert knowledge of our solution and can advise you at every stage of the integration and project monitoring process.

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