Whether you serve children or children at heart, toys have always been a part of their lives. There will always be a special occasion on which they will be ready to travel miles in order to get just what they need. 

We understand how high the stakes are in these particular moments and if your dear consumers need a toy that you have in stock in your warehouse or other store location, our unified magic cart will make sure they get delivered the way they want and that your associates can assist each consumer efficiently. 

At Proximis, we focus on removing friction along the consumer journey and our solution makes it entirely possible. Whether you operate under a franchise model, a cooperative, direct stores or any other types of network, Proximis can adapt to your existing infrastructure and help you embrace unified commerce step-by-step.

In addition to adapting your current infrastructure, Proximis will turn your stores into greater assets as your website will become a tool for order preparation prior to visit in store: consumers will be able to use online filters to find and browse their preferred products, add the selected ones to their Magic Cart and collect those in store. Proximis will harness the convenience of digital and put it at the service of your stores.

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