Transform the store experience

No need to read tea leaves to know that the future stores will become living spaces where consumers will find expert advices if they need to speak to an associate, pleasant spaces where they feel their relationships with their preferred brands is ongoing and where they get immediate attention from staff who will be ensuring the environment is safe for shopping.

Proximis will be all-in-one on these aspects and make it easy for your business to integrate the right solutions rapidly to ensure that each customer who walks into one of your stores benefits from the best service, whichever the chosen method to shop.

The busy one can pay online and collect in-store without queuing, the one in a hurry can self-checkout a cart without interacting with any associate, the undecided can always speak to someone from the staff in one of the aisle can get the desired products delivered at home. Whichever the scenario, Proximis will make sure there is always a favorable outcome.

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