Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce means offering consumers a seamless shopping journey between all digital and bricks-and-mortar points of sale. Offering consumers a smooth purchasing experience across all points of sale where goods are available is vital to any such mechanism. It means enabling efficient processing of orders placed either online or in-store to provide delivery of goods through a series of different services.

Proximis is an SaaS publisher with core expertise in Unified Commerce, aiming to pull retailers and new consumer purchasing behaviour closer together. Through its groundbreaking technology, Proximis smoothes the purchasing experience and simplifies retail transactions. The expertise acquired over the course of the many projects it has completed in the retail sector enables it to now bring its comprehensive, leading-edge skills set to bear on meeting the issues facing retailers in an ever-changing economy.

Proximis is a Saas Software Solution based on standard technologies in the market

  • Hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

  • International Coverage

  • Developed on standard technologies: php, MySQL, Elastic Search, Angular JS…

  • Based on API to connect with third technologies

  • Offering high level scalability and security

Proximis Unified Commerce Platform serves to underpin the promise of Unified Commerce through the following native foundation blocks: 

  • Unified Checkout: Ensure consumers have a single shopping cart and a single ordering system that operates across all the channels used in their purchasing journey, to ensure fluidity and continuity throughout the purchasing experience.
  • Distributed Order Management: Work around the difficulties delaying implementation of unified stock to sell all stock (in warehouses and brick-and-mortar stores) on all channels and thus consistently offer all goods available within the retailer’s system to consumers wherever they might be.
  • Distributed Fulfillment: Enable the use of all possible stock, and the multitude of services it is possible to implement for a given stock, such as direct sales and ship from store by a carrier or express delivery using a courier.