Unified Stock

The Unified stock by Proximis makes it possible to bring product and location data together to enable delivery orchestration, whereby each entity owning the stock can handle the dispatch of goods ordered by consumers regardless of where the shopping cart is checked-out. This data is unified in a simple manner, thanks to on one hand, the agility of a solution that was specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by retailers and on the other, thanks to being an old hand with more than ten years of proven expertise in delivering the best solutions to unify warehouse and in-store stocks in various types of networks whether own shops, co-ops, franchisee or third party. The reality is that retail chains store inventory in more than one location. While each product may be well referenced by location, the entire database might not be shared across all of those (type, price, quantity, etc.). Unified stock means having one single picture of all inventory, even if those might be stored in different places. Unified stock, what is still a dream yet to be accomplished for a large number of retailers who get entangled in technical conundrums and some countless connectors they need to build to turn it into reality, turns into reality effortlessly thanks to Proximis.

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