Why Proximis?

Proximis is a selling solution technology, made for retailers, which enables the unification of online and offline commerce in a built-in manner. It enables serving consumers with every available stock, on every channel, with every delivery method, whenever, wherever they are and go.

Why? For expertise!

Proximis offers the modern commerce experience consumers seek for, by delivering the promise of the best service possible in terms of choice and delivery time. It improves the availability of the products on all the channels, and offers an extended catalogue to sales associates, and to clients online. The benefits expected from this solution are:

  • increase the rate of conversion and average basket
  • increase the traffic in store
  • improve the sale/disposal of stock.

They trust us!

More than 50 brands and distributors – all verticals combinet – have chosen Unified Commerce via Proximis. Joining the adventure with us also means joining a great community of experts and ambassadors. What are you waiting for switching to Unified Commerce now? Let’s meet our customers.

Do you know about our partners & services?

Proximis community also includes a large ecosystem of technology partners. We are committed to working hand in hand with them to provide a perfect service. Discover our partners!