Digital Commerce

The backbone product to support all the Commerce initiatives of retailers. 

What is Digital Commerce?

Digital Commerce by Proximis is a single unified commerce product that enables retailers to sell products on all channels. The native single platform provides a persistent shopping cart and an online checkout that can replace the checkout process of any eshop solution.

Digital Commerce by Proximis helps the retailer’s website adapt to all types of purchasing journeys. Different services like E-reservation and curbside pickup will be offered for each product. With a reliable and flexible promise, each consumer can buy according to their individual preferences. So they will be able to use and combine each product and with any preferred delivery service for each in a unified cart. This cart will be unique and contain all the products purchased. Once completed, the unified cart can be processed for payment both online and in store.

Interestingly, with Digital Commerce, it is possible to adapt each service according to customers’ needs. Examples take the shape of wishlists, gift wrapping and messages, delivery or collection services, customised delivery times, payment options, returns services. 

Increase productivity with an advanced content management tool where all content can be used in a multi-site and multi-language context for quick and effective access to an international market. All this coupled with a dedicated SEO management module. This means that Proximis is naturally ready to respond to needs when it comes to organic search engine optimisation.

Integration time: as from 60 days!

Zoom on some core features:

  • Product promise: a product page which displays the product characteristics, the price, the availability, the delivery method and details in a glance
  • Unified Shopping cart and Checkout: consumers can add any product to a single cart. They can also choose the desired delivery method for each of them without interrupting the shopping process. Upon checkout, a single payment is made for all the products purchased. It is also for each order dispatched to the relevant centres for preparation. 
  • Commerce Management
  • Order Fulfillment: after the checkout, we dispatch each order to the relevant centres for preparation. Each centre will have access to a web interface to process their respective orders.
  • Data management: this involves the synchronization of product catalog, store stocks, orders and prices with the existing IT system along with customer data
  • Reporting: we record transactions in a web-based back office system which will allow tracking and reporting of business activity.

Activate additional built-in accelerators to boost your project:

  • Content Management System: Make it easy for marketing and commercial teams to quickly create and publish new content with a user friendly interface. Forget about technical assistance with features like Drag-and-Drop, a responsive mode and pre-staging option. Use Proximis for multi-sites, in multi-languages. Moreover, with an SEO management built-in module, it is able to meet the natural indexing requirements in search engines.
  • For Magento 2: If your website is currently running on Magento, simply connect a persistent shopping cart, a online checkout and order orchestrator to your eshop with a built-in connector
  • Cegid Retail V2 Connector: If your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is currently running on Cegid, simply connect Digital Commerce with a built-in connector. So this will automatically retrieve product information, prices and stock levels

Optimise the experience with the following:

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