Digital Commerce

Unified Commerce Management: Ecommerce is a built-in part of Commerce in Unified Commerce. Deliver the Promise that your consumers expect to get, along with all possible services, to ensure maximum convenience (delivery, click-and-collect, express delivery in-store, e-reservation). Provide a unified cart to each consumer that can be used both on digital and physical channels.

Customer experience: Offer personalised customer experience to make the journey sticky and exceed customer expectations (wishlist, messages and gift parcels, delivery or pickup services, personalised delivery, payments options, return services) . Foster more loyalty through premium accounts, subscriptions that will open the way to additional offers and opportunities for your consumers.

Merchandising & Search: Presenting and organising product content is key in capturing your consumers’ attention and your product categories should be optimised with relevant SEO content. Save time in defining the rules of attribution irrespective of the size of your product catalogue. With a native ElasticSearch feature, you will have a buffer for typo-errors, synonym management as well as auto-complete and instant search options.

Advanced Web Content Management: Make it easy for your marketing and commercial teams to quickly create and publish new content with a user friendly interface. Forget about technical assistance with features like Drag-and-Drop, a responsive mode and pre-staging option. With an advanced content management system, Proximis can be used for multi-sites, in multi-languages. Moreover, with an SEO management built-in module, it is able to meet the natural indexing requirements in search engines.

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