It is no longer enough just to sell online, when consumers are still very drawn to shops, when their influences come from social media and when they have access to an infinite choice via their smartphones.

Proximis helps your website adapt to all types of purchasing processes through a reliable and flexible promise that can, according to each consumer’s preferences, use and combine product information (located in a warehouse, shop or at supplier’s site) and all the available services in a unified basket, a single basket to be used both online and in store.

Taking this further, with Proximis it is possible to adapt each service offered according to customers’ needs (for example, by offering wish lists, gift wrapping and messages, delivery or collection services, customised delivery times, payment options, returns services, etc). Increase your productivity with an advanced content management tool where all content can be used in a multi-site and multi-language context for quick and effective access to an international market.

Moreover, all this coupled with a dedicated SEO management module means Proximis is naturally ready to respond to needs when it comes to organic search engine optimisation.

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