We have serious business here. Consumers are rarely ever so demanding than when they buy something for someone else. You know as a retailer that the experience must be perfect in order to secure a strong and lasting relationship with your consumers.

Peak seasons can be hard to handle when fulfilling people’s expectations and, because those moments are the most crucial, our technology will scale no matter the volume of transactions so you can relax and focus on sharing happiness.

Proximis will ensure that every touchpoint with your brand, whether virtual or physical, uses a unified view of your inventory and fulfills each order according to the most efficient orchestration scenario – so that your consumers can enjoy the convenience of buying from a brand that offers the best service on their special occasion.

Moreover, as it can often happen that while purchasing a gift for someone to whom the item will be sent by home delivery, oneself can be tempted to self-treat and choose an alternative delivery method (whether delivery of pick-up in store), Proximis provides a unified magic cart which allows combining different delivery methods under one before processing to a single payment process.

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