Offer contactless transactions

Consumers are now used to interacting with a brand through various channels. Discovery can be made online but that can also mean, going into the shop afterwards to get a better feel of the product. It could also be the other way round with discovery in store, and final choice and payment from the comfort of a couch. Although digital has become pervasive and the majority of homes are equipped with internet and a smartphone, we believe that stores still have a key role to play in our New retail era. It is the reason why we have designed top-notch solutions to ensure that stores serving modern consumers are properly equipped to meet each customer expectation. Ensuring consumers can interact digitally with your stores is the best way to ensure they go to those stores. 

Whether a consumer gets acquainted with a brand online or in a store, it is very likely there will be some information shared and in many cases, some products chosen. Whether virtually, through any given touchpoint like an e-shop or social media account, or physically in a shop, capture all information, pertaining to the consumer and the product selection, to make sure that as that same consumer walks in any store, the stored information can be retrieved in a matter of clicks by any sales associate.

Time spent in the store will be minimal and efficient. Put an end to those scary endless queues at cashier points. Make sure each consumer leaves any of your stores with a smile and time to leave a review on your website.

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