Offer maximum convenience at optimised costs

The precise moment when a consumer shows interest in your brand is the very moment where the opportunity of blowing the latter’s mind away needs to be seized. Doing so guarantees maximising the value of each cart and increasing the average order value.

Leave an impression on each consumer online by offering visibility on stock availability on each product page and a maximum amount of delivery options (Deliver, Express delivery in-store, Curbside pickup, Click-and-collect) to trigger the purchase of each product.

Leave an impression in store by recovering the online carts of each consumer along with personal data and offering personalised advice for additional related products. It would be the best way to secure an upsell as your associates have access to your entire product catalogue and the ability to plan delivery as per the option which is available and best for each consumer.

Leave an impression over the phone, as your customer service is able to offer similar extensive assistance over the line. With one view of customer purchase history, each assistant will be able to recover purchase and return history. With one view of inventory, each assistant will be able to find and order for delivery of any product, according to the most suitable fulfillment scenario. Leave an impression and increase customer engagement all the way.

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