Proximis solutions are provided with a high service level to guarantee the continued success of all of your projects.

Customer Success Representatives

We do not simply provide you with the best solutions; we upgrade them continuously to meet your needs and the latest market expectations.

This is why we provide you with a single dedicated contact person, who works at your side to ensure that you get the most out of the platform and improve your performance non-stop.

Your Customer Success representative is your partner every day, eager to meet your every request.

Help Desk

Success also depends on correct usage.

Although our tools are very simple and intuitive, we know that your level of use will change as your business grows.

This is why we provide you with a dedicated team to answer all of your questions about using the tools. You can turn to us anytime, as the need arises.

Store Reminders

Increasingly, consumers want everything, and they want it right away. This is why e-Reservation and 1-hour Click & Collect services are on the rise.

To help you keep the ambitious promise you have made to your customers, we provide you with a store reminder service, available in 7 languages, on both weekdays and weekends.

Technical support

Because the success of your integration projects depends on people, we give you direct access to people who are technical experts in our solutions.

The subjects covered are as diverse as they are numerous: which architecture to choose, specific development versus standard solutions, operation of the APIs, etc.

This means that you and your integration agency will be advised and assisted whenever necessary: just ask.


Although getting started on our platform is very straightforward, we know how important it is to receive training on a regular basis.

With Proximis Academy, you, and your integration agency, will receive group or customized training sessions provided by our training center.

The different types of training target users, project managers and developers.


Since omnichannel retailing has transversal impacts, especially on the organization and the supply chain, we offer assistance from experts of the Proximis platform as well as industry experts in order to determine the best way to use our solutions in your specific context (using an omnichannel checkout, order management, store organization, etc.).

You wish to exchange about your project?