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We support renowned brands with their Unified Commerce projects. Their success is our only concern.

Customer success

Our Customer Success team is here to share their experience with you and guide you throughout your projects to ensure you meet your objectives. Our experts are available to discuss progress regularly in order to enhance your performance through better use of the solution, the activation of new growth drivers and the improvement of any existing systems. You will also be invited to attend round table discussions aimed at users to ensure you remain up-to-date with the latest changes to the solution and can play an active role in its development.

Professional Services

Proximis is constantly innovating. Because we want to maximise the solution’s capabilities, our Professional Services team is here to support and guide you through your decision-making. Our consultants have genuinely expert knowledge of the solution’s technical and functional features, so they can work with your team and integrator to ensure that the solution is implemented effectively and all promises are kept.


To ensure you get the best out of our solution every day, we provide support designed to respond to a range of user requirements, from the technical to the functional. The aim here is to quickly provide you with what you need to make progress at work and remove any barriers you might come up against. Our Support team also permanently monitors application performance and guarantees a premium quality service to all our users.


Proximis makes the best out of its network of partners in order to deliver services of best quality. Our accredited partners have developed truly expert knowledge of our solution and can advise you at every stage of the integration and project monitoring process.

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