Unified Data Hub

Proximis is by essence a practical business tool that is perfectly illustrated by its Unified DataHub. There is no magic algorithm, no savvy intangible intelligence, no black box, but rather a concentration and consolidation of existing data for a better use at the operational level. The Unified DataHub will truly become the life-long backbone of your retail business.

As channels, marketplaces and other platforms keep emerging, the Unified Datahub will remain unchanged, reliable and relevant. Gather all data related to your products, locations, customers purchase and return history along with other relevant information under one repository. This repository will become not only one of your most valuable assets but also a strong competitive advantage at every step of the way.

More precisely, on each product page to deliver an accurate promise to consumers in terms of price, availability services and associated lead times. Moreover, by importing product data available to the retailer which is not yet put into direct action within the sales route: namely, the age of the product stock, the turnover rate of the product stock, the margin or the acquisition cost, etc. Finally, by focusing on and offering access to key information pertaining to the consumer. As information such as purchase/consultation history, loyalty status, etc. are compiled under one roof, it will be possible to deliver an ongoing and consistent service to each consumer throughout their relationship with your brand.

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