Technical Writer

Today’s consumers want to buy where they want, when they want, and get their purchases in the way that suits them best (such as delivery, store pick-up and so on).
Rather than omnichannel experiences, what today’s consumers really want is Unified Commerce – in other words, sales with an inherently consumer-centred approach.
By switching to Unified Commerce, brands go back to basics and achieve in making the implicit promise that any retailer wants to make: delivering a product or service under the best possible conditions for the consumer!
Proximis is the unique SaaS Digital Unified Commerce platform which eliminates friction in the consumer journey.


You will be in charge of writing an interactive operating instruction manual, “frequently asked questions” and any relevant content that will make retailers, technical support staff and other users as comfortable as possible using Proximis Unified Commerce Solution.

Thus, you will:

  • Study the software and interact with product managers and developers.
  • Organize and write supporting documents for products and user interfaces.
  • Use photographs, drawings, diagrams, animations and charts that increase users’ understanding.
  • Standardize content across platforms and media.
  • Gather usability feedback from users.
  • Revise documents as new issues arise.

Position Qualifications

  • Minimum 5+ years of experience in writing scripts for web applications or e-commerce platforms.
  • A higher diploma related to the position (English / Journalism / communication).
  • Strong understanding and experience with user-centered practices and methods.
  • Native or fully fluent in English (100% of the content will be written in English). French is not a required skill for this position.


  • The position is due to take place in Strasbourg or Paris.
  • The location of this position can be discussed.
  • Applicants from English-speaking countries will be studied carefully.