Le 27 septembre 2012 dans Commerce

Les Retailers aux US vont de plus en plus vite en mobile


America’s top retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, are enjoying significant mobile traffic as 4 in every 5 smartphone owners access retail ecommerce sites in a typical month.

Internet trend tracking firm comScore reported the results of a July 2012 study last week, indicating that some 85.9 million Americans aged 18 or older shopped online from a mobile web browser or an application running on Android, the RIM operating system, or Apple’s iOS. Windows Mobile users were not considered in the comScore data.

Top Retailers Enjoy Significant Mobile Traffic
Amazon’s sites were the most popular destinations, enjoying some 49.6 million mobile visitors, which is approximately 46 percent of all smartphone users in the U.S., according to comScore. Similarly, about 32.6 million mobile visitors looked at products on Ebay sites, meaning that the auction service and online retailer reached 30.6 percent of American smartphone users, excluding Windows Mobile users.

Apple had almost 17.7 million mobile visitors. Walmart had nearly 16.3 million mobile visitors, and Target’s website had more than 10 million mobile visitors in July 2012, again, according to comScore.
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